We provides forex signal subscriptions, expert advisors and utilities. Find your way to financial independence through MT4 / MT5 signal copying or algorithmic trading!


Subscribe and connect your MT4 / MT5 trading account using our simplest and Lightning-fast trade copier. Any broker accounts are supported.


Auto follow our state of the art algo trading strategies to grow your accout. Numerous tests were performed based on the actual data of several brokerages to verify stability throughout the variations of the market.


a Set and Forget method to gain a good long-term profit with low risk.
A life changing opportunity is just few clicks away.
Join us now.

Subscribe for our auto copy signal or signup for FREE 30 days trial to test us

Subscribe to Trade Master Auto Copy Signals for $50/month.

Subscription is processed by PayPal and also support clients without PayPal account (you can subscribe with Debit / Credit Card).

Full instruction and trial key will be sent to you within 24 hours of subscribing.

* If previously signed up for a trial account with a different email address from your PayPal email address, please fill it down below so we can verify you correctly.

Email used for trial signup (only if you used trial account):

Why Choose Us?

Best Strategy and Experience

We have created and tested many trading strategies since 2004 and chosen 6 sustainable winners of them. We made them totally automated to guarantee the endurance.
Reliable Adaptive Risk Managenent

We make Optimization and Risk Calculation on your behalf.
We use our Machine Learning 
System (AI) to avoid repeating losses.
No Tech Knowledge Needed, Just a Few Clicks

It is a piece of cake to set up the Copier. It will be up and running in 2 minutes. It almost sets up itself automatically by means of your several clicks.
100% Security For You

We do not ask you for your account password or for Power of Attorney.Your account is in safe.You have the full authority to enable or disable the Copier with one click.

Frequently Asked Questions

⟩ How does the copy service works?
We use a 3rd party tool called "Forex Copier Remote 2" which is the most reliable, fast and accurate sofware for copy trading. There are two parts for this process:

  1. The Server part - which is installed on our computer and provides signals.
  2. The Client part - The one that receives signals from Forex Remote Copier 2 Server and passes these signals to the customer’s MT4/MT5 platform.
We send you the client part which is an auto-installer that sets an Automated Copier Expert Advisor (EA) within your few clicks.
This EA copies our trades to your account within (max.) 0,007 seconds.

⟩ How much does is costs?

  1. We offer a 30 days FREE trial to try our copy trading signals. Trial period acts just like a paid subscription, mean you will get the exact signals just like a paid customer. No credit card needed to signup for trial.
  2. Our copy trade service costs $50/month. Payments are made via PayPal subscription (support credit cards as well) for top security and can be cancelled any time.

⟩ How do i install the Forex Copier Receiver?
Click here for video instructions and do not skip any step

⟩ Does the software have any technical requirements to work properly?
To install and run the Forex Copier Remote 2 you need to have the OS Windows 7 and higher or Windows Server 2008R2 and higher.
We recommend installing the Forex Copier Receiver on a VPS as your meta trader terminal needs to be open 24/7.

⟩ Is there any requirements for the trading account?
For effective results your should choose a broker with fast execution and low spreads, minimum leverage 1:200

⟩ Can I copy trades from MT4 to MT5?
The software we use support copy from MT5 to MT4, from MT5 to MT5, from MT4 to MT5, and from MT4 to MT4 accounts from any broker.
Which brokers supported for copy trading?
The software we use support copy trading for any broker account.

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